Want to increase your YouTube views? Here’s one thing you can do to help improve that.

Many years ago, when the social networking site MySpace was first launched, I was right there to capitalize on the growing trend. For several years, I went out and created MySpace layouts, graphics, and resources for the community. At one point, a few of my websites went totally viral. One site got listed as the top search engine position in Google for the highest volume searches.

The keyword phrases “Myspace graphics”, “Myspace layouts”, and “Myspace images” led to the #1 SERP position to my websites. Joy!

Everyday I would come and see tons of visitors pouring into my websites grabbing everything I offered. I placed Google Adsense ads, the same type of ads YouTube uses, and created my own gold mine. I worked very hard in those days. Even national newspapers wanted to come to my office and see how it was all done. I declined because I didn’t want to share how I was doing it. No way Jose!

What I am going to share with you in this article, is one very important ingredient in getting lots of views.

What I learned still remains very important today. You must know exactly what you are looking for.

Share Time: How To Increase YouTube Views

When it comes to YouTube, you must know your keywords you are targeting. You do this by doing keyword research. You see, YouTube is all about video and unlike a web page full of text, its not going to know what your video is about. You’d be limiting your ability to type in better keyword phrases in its place. With Google Search, at least it can do text processing to figure out what you are taking about. But with video, its a whole different story.

You must take the time to tell YouTube what your video is about. So before you publish your video, you must think carefully about the handful of tags to use.

Don’t Rush! Think Before You Publish Your YouTube Video

However, you can do yourself a whole lot of good by taking a few steps back. Most of us want to quickly publish our video for the world to see. We want that immediate thrill of seeing our view counts go up. But do you know who your audience is? Do you know what they are searching for?

You may be providing your audience with entertainment. You may be may be providing them with information. Regardless, your video isn’t going to be found unless you have already built up a large subscriber audience. When you are first starting out or struggling to get subscribers and views, you can help yourself by doing competitive YouTube keyword analysis.

See, the main reason why most people will never get lots of views is because you aren’t creating videos that cater to a keyword niche. Lets walkthrough this concept to gain some understanding.

Figure Out Your YouTube Keyword Niche

A keyword niche is a specialized keyword phrase. Tough keyword niches would be ones like:

  • Autos
  • Cooking
  • Education
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Video games

These are tough because the category keyword is general in nature. Because they are general, whenever someone types in “auto”, they are going to be presented with a whopping 129 million videos to choose from! Go ahead, visit YouTube and try it. Look in the upper right hand corner.

See what I mean?

You would be up against a lot of competition if you used “auto” as your main keyword phrase and did videos about autos. Sorry to say, but you wouldn’t get many views and your tremendous amount of great work would be ignored. In other words, you would already have walked into a really difficult category and set yourself up for disappointment.

A better approach is to think about a specialized niche instead. Suppose your passion is about fast cars. What you could do instead is sit down with a pen and paper. Write down all the types of fast cars and make a list. Then, vlog about the one’s you love and have first hand access to.

So instead of using “autos” as your keyword phrase, your keyword niche list may look something like this:

  • Lambourghini Aventador (1,710,000 video results)
  • Lambourghini Huracan (1,310,000 video results)
  • Ferrari LaFerrari (778,000 video results)
  • Mercedes Mclaren (358,900 video results)

The competition for those special types of cars with videos talking about them is considerably way less than that 129 Million, right? Still, the competition in the list above is quite a lot to fight against.

Instead, get even more specialized:

  • Lambourghini Aventador blue (299,000 video results)
  • Lambourghini Aventador Monaco (258,000 video results)
  • Ferrari LaFerrari Full Red (152,000 video results)
  • Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta (69,500 video results)
  • Mercedes Mclaren SLR (72,600 video results)
  • Mercedes Mclaren top speed (131,600 video results)

Can you see what I am talking about now? You want to position yourself so that you have a greater chance of getting your video seen.

Now most of you are going to be doing this after you publish. I would strongly encourage you to not to do this. Get in the habit of knowing beforehand and planning what you are going to videotape. See how many people have already done it and then decide if it is worth your time vlogging that subject.


YouTube has been out for over 10 years now. It has built up a large library of videos all categorized and tagged. In the early days, you could own a subject and have all the views as King. But today it is way different. You have to work even more harder and smarter. The best way if you are starting off or not seeing many views is by targeting keyword phrases. Then, let your subscriber list grow based around that foundation.

For some of us, we just enjoy being YouTubers and creating entertaining video. But for those that want to reach even higher, you have to know about your subject to avoid posting into a sea of noise that gets ignored.

I hope this little tip on how to increase YouTube views helps. Now go do it!

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