Looking to add audio, images, fonts, or video for your YouTube video? Here is an ongoing list of website resources that I’m sure you will find handy.

Adding content to your YouTube videos can be a chore. Although you may create live video recorded over your digital vlogging camera, there will be opportunities to enhance your video with additional content.

If you really want to make your YouTube videos shine and be unique, you will have to dedicate a budget to create that next viral sensation. Most of the content resources listed below will not be free. Yes, this means you will have to pay for it. You also will have to pay close attention to the license agreement for each site.


Watching a YouTube video without sound is no fun. Its also no good if you always use the same audio track over and over. The repetitiveness of the audio track will start to wear on your viewers. They will get so much locked into that jingle they are hearing and lose focus on the actual content.

Choosing the right song and sound affects the viewers feel for your video. Essentially, it sets a mood. Use music and audio to accompany your video, not dominate it (unless you are a musician or band).


Your viewer is watching imagery. The majority of the content coming from your video camera. At times though, you will want to pause and show still images. That usually will occur in titles and transitions.

Your video is a message. Finding appropriate pictures to accompany that message is not easy. However, if you go to one of the more bigger image stock libraries on the web, you can make this job easier. I recommend StockUnlimited for their high quality images and vector art library. You can’t go wrong searching for that right picture in their huge library of over 600,000.

  • StockUnlimited
  • PhotoDune
  • GraphicRiver
  • ShutterStock
  • Adobe Stock
  • DepositPhotos
  • MorgueFile
  • FreeImages
  • OpenPhoto
  • DreamsTime
  • StockPhotos.io
  • Adobe Fotolia
  • MegaPixl
  • Pixabay


If you want to save yourself a lot of time and know exactly what you are looking for, you can purchase video segments. These are royalty free footage that you can insert into your video.

There are a lot of really good effects and stock video footage available that you can change and reuse, making life a whole lot easier.

  • VideoHive
  • Adobe Stock
  • DepositPhotos
  • DreamsTime
  • Adobe Fotolia
  • MegaPixl


Change it up a bit and add new typography to your videos. It will make your vlogs look fresh and trendy. Using the same font starts to wear on your viewers where they will become font blind.

Good looking fonts don’t cost much and you can find them at many font websites. Avoid locking into the same set of fonts that everyone uses. You know, like Arial, Courier, and Garamond. Selecting good typography is not easy.There are graphic designers who specialize in this sort of thing and have an trained eye through experience on how to layout a video.

When it comes to video, you want to choose the right font that looks good because it is not the same as reading a book. Video frames change quickly. If your audience can’t read the title or font you are showing, they are going to have to stop the video and rollback. This is different than reading the newspaper or a book where the reader can retrace back quickly.

  • 1001fonts.com
  • Fonts.com
  • Google Fonts
  • Adobe TypeKit
  • Envato Elements


Finding good content often times is not easy. However hopefully with this list of audio, images, fonts and video websites, your job may be a little easier.

Bookmark this post as I will be adding new products and services as I come across them.

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