Got a new 4K UHD screen and can’t wait to view high quality content?

The good news is that 4K screen devices prices are falling. The bad news is, there’s not a whole lot places to go to view that type of content. Here I discuss ideas where you can go get a higher entertainment experience.

4K UHD TV and Monitors

There’s nothing like being able to see a vibrant, colorful, higher resolution image. With four times the picture resolution of a 1080p device, consumers are climbing aboard to see the difference.

4K televisions have been dropping in price the past few years to be way more affordable – they still aren’t cheap though. If you want a 65″ 4K Smart TV, for example, they currently are priced at around $2000. Then there are 4k computer monitors too. Prices on a 27″ 4k computer monitor can be had for around $500. The 27″ Dell UltraSharp U2715H is one of the best you will find.

My advise is if you got the money, go out and discover why 4K is superior. I’d advise to stick to the name brands such as Samsung and Sony for the best in quality. I have a few myself at home and the office and highly recommend them.

With your 4K UHD TV and/or monitor setup, here are some ideas of where to get 4K content.

4K Blu-Ray Player

While not a “place”, a Blu-ray device can deliver high quality 4K content to your screen. You cannot just use any old Blu-ray player though. You need a Ultra 4K Blu-Ray. They are just coming out in 2016 and should be available by Christmas time.

The Ultra HD Blu-ray is going to be a game changer. Watching movies over streamed services are possible. But, you have to realize they take up huge amounts of Internet bandwidth. Because of this, there will be compromises where you will not get the high quality image output you think you are getting.

Ultra HD Blu-ray will deliver all of that locally, to your attached 4K UHD screen device in superior fashion. Mind you, these are true 4k players and not upscaled versions that are much cheaper. Because Ultra HD is new technology, they aren’t as cheap as your older Blu-ray player either. You can find the newer models for around $300-$400 as they just hit the market. The Samsung UBD-K8500 is a great choice.

Now just because you got a high end blu-ray player doesn’t mean you necessarily are going to experience 4K. You need to purchase movie content mastered in 4K Ultra HD. Remember this next time you shop at your electronics store to avoid getting the wrong format.

YouTube 4K

To find 4K content, go to the YouTube search box and type in the general category of video you want to watch. Then, click on the Filters drop down and choose the 4k feature. To see if a YouTube video is viewable as 4K content, look at the wheel icon in your YouTube player. If you see 2160p as an available image quality choice, the video is 4K.

For you YouTube vloggers out there, go out and get a 4K video camera. Do so to get stay ahead of the crowd and position yourself for the future. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100 and Sony DSC-RX100M IV are strong choices.

Recording in 1080p, let alone 720p is old school. To give your YouTube videos that extra “pop”, record in 4K. Then, let your users decide on what video quality setting they want whether they are on a 4K TV/monitor, mobile device, or desktop.


Netflix does offer 4K Ultra HD movies to their subscribers. In order to see them you need to pay up for it with their most expensive plan.

  1. The 4 screen + Ultra HD plan
  2. A high speed Internet connection capable of doing at least 25Mbps
  3. Data usage setting at “High”

You do NOT want to watch 4K Netflix movies on your cell phone. That is, unless you want to see a huge bill at the end of the month. Instead, watch 4K at home using your cable or DSL network. Please understand though that your Internet service provider may also put cap limits on your bandwidth usage so make sure to know what they are to avoid additional charges and/or service issues.

Amazon Video

Amazon has lots of content including documentaries, movies, and full season television shows. To view 4K content, you will need an Amazon Prime subscription to stream to your device.

Since I do most of my shopping on Amazon and have their Prime service, not only do I get shipping for free, but also their Amazon Video service as well. Although the lineup isn’t as strong as what you can get on Netflix, its another source of decent 4K content.


Off the popular traveled Internet road is UltraFlix. They claim to offer the largest video library of 4K content in the world.

UltraFlix runs as an app on platforms including:

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Roku
  • Vizio
  • Sony
  • Samsung Tizen
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Windows 10
  • HiSense
  • Android Google Play

Unlike subscription services, you pay to watch movies on a rental basis and costs about a few dollars each.

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