Need to get the current frame per second rate (FPS) for your game? Here’s three FPS Counters you can use.

Nvidia GeForce Experience

Download the program from

  • Run the program
  • Click on the Share button at the top right next to your profile (looks like a triangle)
  • Click the wheel
  • Choose HUD layout
  • Select FPS Counter
  • Choose an area to place the counter (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)

For this example, choose bottomleft


Download Fraps from

  • Run the program
  • You will see in the FPS counter tab a Overlay hotkey section
  • Select with the mouse the position where you want to show the counter

For this example, choose the top right


Download Steam

  • Run the program
  • Choose Steam | Settings
  • Select the In-Game category
  • In the in-game section, choose the location

For this example, choose the top left

FPS Counter

If you did everything correct above and have a game, run it. While you play the game, the screen will show the FPS counter for each provider.

If its a Steam game like FarCry, you will see all three counters in the position you specified

For example, when I play FarCry, I see this:

FPS Counters

And there you go! You now have three ways to add an FPS counter to monitor your game play.