A keyboard and mouse cheat sheet for Minecraft PC players.

When it comes to playing Minecraft on the PC (Intel or Mac OSX), using the keyboard and mouse is essential:

  • Keyboard – used for character movement
  • Mouse – used for character view

In the game, several mouse and keyboard control settings can be changed to suit the player’s need. With other controls, they cannot be changed. Below are keyboard and mouse commands broken down into function, purpose, and modification.

Minecraft PC Mouse Control

Control Purpose Modifiable
Move mouse Move left, right, up, down No
Wheel Scrolling No
Left button Attack; destroy block; split stack; sort items Yes
Right button Use and place items Yes
Middle button Pick block Yes

Minecraft PC Keyboard Control

Control Purpose Modifiable
1-9 Select item in hotbar slots Yes
LCTRL Sprint Yes
Shift Move item to hotbar; move item to inventory No
Left Shift Sneak Yes
Spacebar Jump; climb; swim afloat Yes
Ctrl Sprint No
Esc Open game menut No
Tab Show player list Yes
/ Open chat with forward slash typed Yes
Control Purpose Modifiable
F1 Toggle for heads up display No
F2 Screen shot Yes
F3 Many ops; Q with it to show help No
F5 Toggle view Yes
F8 Toggle cinematic camera Yes
F11 Toggle full screen Yes
A Walk left Yes
D Walk right Yes
E Open and close inventory Yes
F Switch items in hand Yes
Q Drop item Yes
S Walk backward Yes
T Talk via chat Yes
W Walk forward Yes

Free Minecraft Cheat Sheet

Click to download the free Minecraft keyboard and mouse control cheat sheet.

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