A printable spreadsheet of keyboard and mouse bindings for Battlefield 1 to help make your game play more enjoyable.

If you are playing Battlefield 1 on the PC, knowing the keyboard bindings is essential. Unfortunately, Electronic Arts has gotten really cheap lately and does not ship any printable cards with the product. The only way you can learn of the keyboard bindings is in the game itself.

I’m sure you have seen the Options screen and the ton of keyboard combinations available for the game. It is quite overwhelming if you are a beginner. To make matters worse, there is no way to print these out to put in front of you! If you are a newbie, you’ll end up pressing keys randomly trying to see what they do. That is a poor gaming experience and when there are this many keys available, its no fun trying to master by trial and error.

So what I did today is take every one of those keyboard bindings for Battlefield 1 for the PC, and put them in a spreadsheet. I wanted to create landscape oriented sheets that I could refer to quickly as I learned the game. I put these in the same categories EA created and tried to stuff as many on the page as possible. I also tried to group actions per category so that they made more sense.


Click on one of the links below to begin your download. After you receive it, open it up in the appropriate spreadsheet application and print.