Explanations and pictorial diagram showing how to setup your Elgato HD60 with your personal computer.

Are you looking to post your PC game play on YouTube? Here are some configuration steps along with a diagram of how to hook all of this up.

To make this work, you need a video capture and audio recording device such as the Elgato HD60. This box will attach to your computer’s HDMI graphics port and your primary monitor.

The output from your graphics card is sent to the Elgato box to be processed and then passed onto your primary monitor. If you have a multi-monitor setup, you will need to choose only one. Typically this will be the same monitor as where you Windows startup bar is. Your computer will store game play in memory and commit to hard disk. You then will be able to replay it on your computer using Elgato game capture HD software.

It is advised that you buy a nice headphone and mic combo like the dreamGear Universal headset and microphone. By doing so, you will be able to provide live commentary and hear your game play simultaneously. You should also get a decent 1080p webcam like the Logitech c920 so that you can provide a small overlay of your face into your video stream.

To make the audio portion of your video game capture rig sound fantastic, go add a USB mixer like the Mackie ProFx8. Attach a good quality condensor mic like the Blue enCORE 200. You can also hook up speakers but I would advise not using them because the mic will pick them up and actually add an echo to your video recording. Its best to always use a headphone or ear buds instead.

Elgato HD60 and Computer Setup Diagram

What follows is a diagram of my setup. You should be able to take from this the components being used and cables you need to purchase to make all of this work.

Elgato and Computer setup

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