A pictorial diagram showing how to setup your Elgato HD60 with a Sony Playstation 4 game console.

Looking to post your PS4 game play on YouTube? Here are some steps along with a diagram of how to hook all of this up.

You need to purchase a video capture and audio recording device such as the Elgato HD60. This will attach to your computer and your monitor or television. The output from your PS4 is sent first to the Elgato box to be processed and then passed onto the TV and your computer simultaneously. On your computer, the game play is stored in RAM and transferred to hard disk. You then will be able to replay it on your computer. Elgato compresses the video capture with its own CPU and temporarily stores the data in its own memory buffer. When it comes time to empty, it interrupts your computer CPU to transfer the data. This improves latency/lag if this were all done on the computer in software only.

I have found that if you use a headset with an attached mic, it will not work well.

We all know that if you play video games on your TV that has speakers, audio goes immediately to it without any delay. When you use a video capture device attached to your computer, there is going to be noticeable delays. This shows up when you use a headset with a mic and attach it to your computer. In that type of configuration with Elgato, there is about a 1 second difference from the time you say something in the headset mic until you hear it back on the headset earphones.

The best way I found around this is to buy a cardioid condenser microphone like the Blue Bluebird and a mounting arm like the Pyle PMKSH04 Boom stand to attach to your desk. You setup Elgato to take mic input from audio interface that the Bluebird is attached to (in my case FocusRite). Then, turn the monitor volume off on the audio interface to avoid playing over the speakers while recording which can create echo.

Elgato HD60 and Sony PS4 Setup Diagram

What follows is a diagram of my setup. It should be simple enough to understand and help guide you into purchasing the right components and cables.

Additionally, you are going to want to setup Windows Sound playback like below:
Elgato and PS4 Windows sound playback

Notice that for playback I am sending everything to Elgato Sound Capture. Then I let that program route sound output as shown below.
Elgato Sound Capture PS4

For Windows Sound recording I set to my audio interface where the Blue Bluebird microphone that I use for recording:
Elgato and PS4 Windows sound recording

Special Notes

If you are finding that the balance of your audio is weird, like one side has more volume than the other, you can try this trick. While in the capture tab, hold the CTRL key and click the wheel icon in the Live Commentary section. A different dialog box will appear with more settings. Enable the “Mono Downmix” property. This fixed my problem of an unbalanced stereo volume I was having where the left side was about 20% gain and the right side was full gain.

To avoid echoing, I suggest that you get an audio interface like the FocusRite Scarlett 2i2. This is an excellent audio card that has very good XLR pre-amps for high end microphones. You need this to power analog mics. You can do lots of things with the Focusrite including:

  • Changing the gain for the mic
  • Directly monitoring the audio with a headphone before it goes out through the line outputs
  • Turn off the monitor volume to prevent echoing

I wrote a review on this last year that you may want to read before purchasing.

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